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Wilson Cellular Signal Boost Desktop Wireless Amplifier Kit (801247)

Wilson Cellular Signal Boost Desktop Wireless Amplifier Kit (801247)
Get the added cellular signal boost you need with the Wilson Desktop Wireless Cell Phone Signal Amplifier (801247). This signal booster is intended to reduce dropped calls and dramatically boost your cellular signal, providing you with the intended service signals you're looking for with a cell phone . Designed to give the best results and improve the overall performance of your phone when used in a small area such as a home workspace. Enjoy clearer reception with an increase in signal strength and fewer dropped calls.

Developed to support multiple phones and cellular-based data cards at the same time, the Wilson Desktop Signal Booster is ideal for rural areas with low signal reception. The wireless desktop booster is compatible with all phones using 824-894MHz and 1850-1990MHz frequencies (except iDEN, Nextel). This cell phone booster works by picking up a stronger signal from an antenna mounted on a pole or wall outside the building or high on a window inside, facing the cell site. The amplifier then increases the signal and transmits it through the on-board antenna on the amplifier to your cell phone or laptop data card. Features
  • Plug-and-Play kit -includes everything needed for easy installation
  • No physical connection to your cell phone or cellular data card
  • Allows multiple phones and cellular data cards to be used simultaneously
  • Amplifies signals to and from cell site
  • Maximum 2500 milliwatts output power - 12 times more powerful than a typical cell phone
  • Works on all generations of CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and 3G
  • Automatic oscillation and overload protection
  • 20'+30' RG-6 cable for custom installation
  • FCC and IC type approved

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