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Garmin Power Cable H3C06DXIN-0507

Garmin Power Cable H3C06DXIN-0507

Price:  $18.82

Manufacturer:  Garmin, Ltd

Part #: 010-10861-00

UPC: 00163121187842

Garmin Motorcycle Power Cable for Zumo 550 Designed for use with the Zumo 550, the Garmin Motorcycle Power Cable helps ensure a smooth, enjoyable ride by giving you access to the important navigation information in your Global Positioning System (GPS) system. This lightweight cable features bare wires to connect the GPS to your battery, and an audio jack allowing connection of your headphones.  Brand: Garmin.  Binding Accessory.  Platform(s): Not Machine Specific.  Publisher(s): Garmin.  Label: Garmin.

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$18.82  Garmin Power Cable H3C06DXIN-0507

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