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Fragrances are extremely popular gifts for men, women, and more recently for teens too. In fact, every year, perfume and cologne consistently appear on the top 10 most shopped gifts at Christmas, and for many other major shopping events like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and graduation too.

Fragrances can be quite personal to those receiving them. Many will already have a favourite day-to-day scent, but it is totally appropriate to step outside that box with the gift of a new fragrance for special occasions or to better suit the changing season! Just remember a couple of key points when choosing:

  • because of individual body chemistry, perfumes and colognes don't always smell the same on everyone
  • fragrances considered most appropriate for spring and summer usually air on the lighter side with floral and citrus notes
  • fragrances suited to fall and winter are typically a little heavier comprising of woody and exotic notes
  • gift sets often include an assortment of body lotion, shower gel and a variety of other beauty products – things most of us wouldn't ordinarily treat ourselves to – and usually at a discounted price
  • there is no hard and fast rule to what fragrance any one person should or should not wear – it all boils down to personal preference

The experts at the Sears cosmetic counters have shared their top 5 selling fragrances for men and women, as well as a few great celeb fragrances specially for teens. Read on and find the perfect gift for the special someone or pick something new out for yourself!


1. Euphoria

Euphoria for Women by Calvin Klein Eau De Parfum Spray 1 oz

Who: Created by renowned American designer Calvin Klein in 2005, and due to its resounding success has been followed up with Euphoria Blossom and Euphoria Spring Temptations.

Best For: Euphoria is lovely on a confident and mature woman, whereas Euphoria Blossom and Spring Temptations are softer and appeal more to a younger audience.

Why: A sweet, voluptuous fragrance that starts with sweet fruity notes and ends with blended florals laced with amber and musk. This sexy, long lasting fragrance is probably best worn as an evening or fall/winter fragrance.

Price Range: $69 - $98 depending on volume

2. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

Lise Watier Neiges Eau de Parfum Refill Purse Spray - 14ml
at  London Drugs

Who: Launched by Italian designer team Dolce and Gabbana and this is their second best-selling fragrance for women.

Best For: Great summer fragrance for women of all ages. Lovely, soft, sexy perfume ideal for young women looking for a signature scent.

Why: Light Blue celebrates sensual Mediterranean style: sunny summer days and sexy nights. It is fresh, floral and fruity and its signature notes are Sicilian cedar with the freshness of the Granny Smith apple, and the floral allure and spontaneity of the bluebell.

Price Range: $70 - $100 depending on volume.

3. L'Air du Temps

Lise Watier Neiges Eau de Parfum Refill Purse Spray - 14ml
at  London Drugs

Who: The famous French couture house, Nina Ricci, launched L'Air du Temps after WWII in 1948. The dove on the lid is a symbol of peace.

Best For: Beautiful old school fragrance ideal for fall and winter, and a perfect compliment to established women.

Why: The fragrance centers around the floral-spicy note of carnation, with supporting notes of powdery violet and iris, and wood and amber to complete it.

Price Range: $30 - $300 depending on volume

4. Armani Code Woman

Blistex SPF 15 Lip Conditioner
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at  Mountain Equipment Co-op

Who: Launched in 2006 by Italian fashion designer Georgio Armani as the counterpart to his top selling men's fragrance Armani Code for men.

Best For: Described as a sexy, femme fatale kind of perfume for daring and sexy women!

Why: The perfume has notes of orange, orange blossom, ginger, pear sorbet, jasmine, vanilla, woods and lavender honey – sounds good enough to eat!

Price Range: $60 - $100

5. Eternity Woman

Who: Created by renowned American designer Calvin Klein in 1988

Best For: Eternity's clean and crisp scent promises to please the modern yet romantic woman.

Why: The citrusy yet peppery heart makes it an all season scent when used with restraint. Ints of rose, violet, lily and carnationgive it that romantic feel.

Price Range: $50 for 50 ml, but you get a great value at $98 for a set


1. Armani Black Code

Tabac for Men by Maurer & Wirtz After Shave 10 oz

Who: Launched in 2004 by Italian designer Georgio Armani.

Best For: This sensual fragrance is ideal for the contemporary man with a flair for the exotic.

Why: Elegant and understated fragrance is Armani's first oriental-style cologne for men. The bottle is inspired by the satin lapels of an Armani tux, according to the designer.

Price Range: $50 - $100 depending on volume.

2. Acqua di Gio pour Homme

Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gio Men Deodorant Stick - 75g
at  London Drugs

Who: Launched in 1996 by Italian designer Georgio Armani.

Best For: This fragrance is marketed as a status symbol for masculine men with enviable lifestyles.

Why: Light fresh fragrance ideal for the summer. It opens with fresh notes of the sea and mellows into an energizing masculine combination of water, flowers and fruit. It is perfect for any occasion from a Sunday brunch to a night in the club.

Price Range: $60 - $100 depending on volume.

3. Diesel Only The Brave

Who: Launched in 2009 by the Diesel design label and is said to have been inspired by their fearless founder, Renzo Rosso and his pioneering spirit.

Best For: Diesel claims that this cologne is designed for the man who has the courage, the power, positive energy to take a stand.

Why: The fragrance is described as sensible yet spontaneous, with powerful spicy finishing notes of amber and wood.

Price Range: $65 - $95 depending on volume.

4. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Who: Eccentric French designer Jean Paul Gaultier launched Le Male in 1995.

Best For: Loved by men and women alike, this is one sexy fragrance!

Why: The bottle is shaped like a male torso and packaged in a cool tin. Jean Paul Gaultier claims that the fragrance has been designed after the old-school barbershop's talcs, aftershaves and pomades. Le Male is a powerful scent, and a bottle will last for a long time given that so little needs to be applied for a lasting effect.

Price Range: $70 - $90

5. Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue pour Homme

John Varvatos Dark Rebel Eau de Toilette - 125ml
at  London Drugs

Who: Launched by Italian designers Dolce & Gabanna as a male counterpart to their highly successful version for women.

Best For: This is a charmingly sophisticated fragrance that is sensual, spontaneous, passionate, and adventurous.

Why: "The fragrance captures the fresh, spicy and sensual scents of the Mediterranean: which we feel is the perfect playground for seduction." - Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana.

Price Range: $65 - $85 depending on volume


Where would we be as teenagers without our celebrity crushes? Over-night successes like Britney Spears and more recently Hannah Montana, have created a niche market for younger girls with their signature fragrances.

Although her most credible claim to fame is heiress to the Hilton family fortune, socialite Paris Hilton added fragrances for men and women to her repertoire in 2004. Paris' numerous ventures have included actress, writer, designer, model, business woman and recording artist. She may not be to everybody's taste but Paris' fragrances for men and women are immensely popular and worth checking out!

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Lise Watier Neiges Eau de Parfum Refill Purse Spray - 14ml
at  London Drugs
Lise Watier Neiges Eau de Parfum Refill Purse Spray - 14ml
at  London Drugs
Madeleine Mono - Ultimate Beauty Try-Me Kit (Women's) - Plum

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